A varied fleet of 2371 wagons, with a total loading capacity of 72 000 tonnes and an average capacity of 12 000 tonnes per day. This fleet offers solutions to all loaders for the transport of all goods: in containers, in bags, in bulk, in liquid ...

  • 293 boxcars with a capacity of 10 700 tonnes for the transportation of bagged products, food products, cements, chemicals and fertilizers...
  • 235 flat wagons with a capacity of 10340 tonnes for the transport of reinforcing bars, angles, flat iron, scrap metal and containers.
  • 78 bulk cars with a capacity of 3120 tonnes for the transport of grain, ...
  • 213 ore wagons with a capacity of 8595 tonnes for the transport of ores.
  • 25 tank wagons for the transport of molasses with a capacity of 1000 tons.
  • 498 dumpers with a payload capacity of 9 960 tonnes for the transport of bulk fertilizers and sulfur.
  • 744 various wagons with a capacity of 29760 tonnes.
  • 1461 containers with a total capacity of 29220 tonnes, an average of 5000 tonnes per day for the transport of all containerisable goods.

36 freight trains a day to serve all the Tunisian territory:

  • 14 trains on the Tunis-Sousse-Sfax-Gabès-Gafsa axis,
  • 6 trains on the Tunis-La Goulette route
  • 10 trains on the Tunis-La Goulette-Gaâfour-Djerissa-Kasserine route,
  • 6 trains on the Tunis-Béja-Ghardimaou and Tunis-Bizerte axes.

Combined rail-road transport

The National Society of Tunisian Railways provides shippers with 5 logistic platforms and tilting flat trucks for combined rail-road transport; a door-to-door service to or from depots, factories, yards and ports. Logistics platforms provide handling operations as well as terminal services at one or both ends :

Tunis PV La Goulette Sousse
Sfax Ghanouch

Self-loading trucks for the transport of loaded containers in factories and production centers or to ports and consumption centers. These charging cars ensure by themselves stacking on the ground, loading and unloading containers. An offer available with great flexibility for all your products and to all destinations. The train serves the port of Rades for the transport of your goods for export and import. Your containers are transported door to door. The Tunisian National Railway Company offers a combined rail-road transport service of 20' and 40' containers to or from the port of Rades.

SNCFT Freight offers you :

  • A fleet of container trucks and semi-trailers
  • Container handling gantries

PContainer storage areas For the lowest price you will benefit from :

  • A reduction in export and import charges
  • Respect of boarding and delivery deadlines
  • Trains, timetables and special deadlines negotiated taking into account the quantities transported and the regularity of operations.
  • Security guarantee for your goods.
  • You will benefit from significant reductions, if you make your own transportation between the station or Fret terminal and your depot or factory. We provide the handling, the train will do the rest.

Commercial and technical skills at the service of shippers :

If you want to connect your plant or depot to the railway, you want to install silos and depots that will be served by train, you want to acquire specific wagons specific to the transport of your goods or rent them to the railroad; SNCFT can study the profitability of your project, propose solutions and also contribute to the financing of the realization of your project.

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