Where can I find out about the services in the station (shops, parking lot ...)?

You can contact the information box in Tunis station and Sousse Station and the stationmasters in the other stations.

How to travel with confidence?

Whatever your train, make sure to be in possession of a valid ticket during the period of your trip and in the direction indicated on the ticket (between the departure station and arrival).

If you receive a free or reduced ticket, do not leave without your justification (a disabled card, youth card, loyalty card, credit card, official documents …) they will be required during the inspection.

On the train, the controller is available to ensure your comfort and your safety. He can provide information on all services offered by SNCFT, do not hesitate to ask him!

How can I book my seat on the mainline trains?

You can reserve your seat by purchasing a comfort or first class ticket. The second class allows you to book the travel.

How to get a refund for a ticket?

In case of loss or theft of my ticket: No, it is expected no refund or replacement for lost or stolen tickets or subscriptions.
In case of an unused ticket: The regulations do not provide a refund for unused tickets.

How much costs my ticket?

To calculate the price of your ticket, you have the ability to make an online purchase simulation (follow the online purchase process without actually make the purchase).
You can also request a quote directly on our website on “brc@sncft.com.tn” or contact the information box of your station.

What are the tips to get promotions?

To take full advantage of promotions, several alternatives are possible:

  • Avoid traveling during holidays and statutory holidays (red periods on SNCFT schedule).
  • Use commercial cards according to your needs.
  • Buy a round trip ticket.
  • Visit our website; promotions on the online sales may be possible.