A varied fleet of 2371 wagons, with a total loading capacity of 72 000 tonnes and an average capacity of 12 000 tonnes per day. This fleet offers solutions to all loaders for the transport of all goods: in containers, in bags, in bulk, in liquid …


  • 293 boxcars with a capacity of 10 700 tonnes for the transportation of bagged products, food products, cements, chemicals and fertilizers…
  • 235 flat wagons with a capacity of 10340 tonnes for the transport of reinforcing bars, angles, flat iron, scrap metal and containers.
  • 78 bulk cars with a capacity of 3120 tonnes for the transport of grain, …
  • 213 ore wagons with a capacity of 8595 tonnes for the transport of ores.
  • 25 tank wagons for the transport of molasses with a capacity of 1000 tons.
  • 498 dumpers with a payload capacity of 9 960 tonnes for the transport of bulk fertilizers and sulfur.
  • 744 various wagons with a capacity of 29760 tonnes.
  • 1461 containers with a total capacity of 29220 tonnes, an average of 5000 tonnes per day for the transport of all containerisable goods.