The Red Lizard

The tourist train “The Red Lizard” connects the mining town of Metlaoui to Redaief through the gorge of Oued Selja, in the region of Gafsa, in the south west of Tunisia. Originally, this train was a gift from the king of France to the Bey of Tunisia during the 19th century. The beylical train has 6 connected wagons, one of which was the bey’s private wagon and another was used as a restaurant. Its rich decoration will most certainly take you back in time.

This old fashioned train takes passengers on an adventurous journey that follows the natural path carved out by the Seldja Gorge at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The train route gives passengers spectacular views of central Tunisia’s beautiful rocky desert canyons and landscapes, as well as passing through mountain tunnels, over steel bridges, near natural water springs, and then finally into a green oasis. You may enjoy adding this train excursion on your tour to Tunisia.

The whole trip lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes; photo stops are planned at the best sites within the canyons.


Depending on availability and upon request, it is possible for groups to book the whole train and to accommodate it as needed. Trips can be customized, snacks and cocktails can be served and other creative ideas can also be set up.

Information and reservation

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