With the offer mentioned in the presentation, other projects are in progress.

On the GCT level:

  • A second TSP factory in Mdhilla (Mdhilla 2) is under construction. Start-up is expected in june 2018. The need of phosphate transportation by rail is estimated at 250 000 tones.

Thus the offer of phosphate transport by rail will be reduced to 10 million tonnes.

On the CPG level:

  • The Om Lakhachab mine has come into operation and the link to the SNCFT network has not yet realized.
  • Two other new mining sites are projected for exploitation, namely Maknassy mine and Tozeur mine.
  • A new CHAKETMA extraction company in Jedlienne that will be in operation in 2019.
  • A new Sraouertane extraction company has been created and is under prosecution.