Railway History in Tunisia

Year Events
1872 Opening with great fanfare the line Tunis – La Goulette (16km) (August 2).
1875 On September 1st, the traffic opening of the line TUNIS – Beja – JENDOUBA for the service of lead mines.
1876 The Beylical Government concedes to the Batignolles Construction Company the line Tunis – Souk El Arba.
1882 The Bey of Tunisia returns to France, by letter dated July 25, 1882, granting the privilege of railways in the Regency.
1882 Operation of the Tunis – Hammam-Lif link with a standard rail track.
1884 Extension of the Tunis-Jendouba link up to GHARDIMAOU to connect it to the Algerian network.
1894 Operation of the Link Jedeida-Bizerte.
1895 Operation of the link Hammam-lif – Sousse.
1897-1906 Operation of the link Tunis-Kalâa Khasba.
1898-1909 Operation of the link Sfax Gafsa- Métlaoui and mining basin M’dhilla Tabedith-Redeyef-Moularès.
1912 Operation of the Link Sousse-Sfax.
1922 June 22, Tunisia buys concessions previously given, and the company-Bone Guelma changed its name to the “Farmer Company Tunisian Railways”
1930 Connection of the line Tunis-Kalâa Khasba to the Algerian network ; Ain Karma in Tunisia and Ghilane in Algeria.
1935 Tunisia holds the world record for motor railcars Mazout speed on narrow track. The world record speed was recorded in tests of speed and endurance made between Tunis and Sfax.
1940 Operation of the Link Heidra-Kasserine.
1956 The decree of December 27, announces that the operation of the rail network has been entrusted starting on 1st January 1957 to the “Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens”.
1957 Fusion, from January 1st of the railways company Sfax – GAFSA with SNCFT.