The suburban line of tunis :

Length of the line:

  • 25 km length; including 17 km triple tracked between Tunis and Hammam-Lif, and 8 km double tracked between Hammam-Lif and Erriadh.

Number of stations :

  • 18 stations and stops.

Areas served

  • Linking mainly: Tunis, Jebel Jelloud, Mégrine, Rades, Ezzahra, Hammam-Lif, Hammam-Echatt, Borj-Cédria and Erriadh.

Number of passengers and trains per day :

  • 100000 daily passengers on 122 daily-operated trains.

Trip time :

  • 20 minutes from Tunis to Hammam-Lif on direct trains, and 43 minutes between Tunis and Erriadh for omnibus trains.