With a length of 70 km including 47 km double track between Sousse Bab Jedid and Moknine and 23 km single-track between Moknine and Mahdia, the Sahel metro railway line covers 31 stations and stops, and particularly serves Sousse Bab Jedid, South Sousse, Sousse, Industrial Zone, Sahline, Habib Bourguiba Airport, much of the Eddkhila Tourist Zone, Monastir University Campus, Monastir Town Ksar Helal, Moknine, Khniss, Ksibet Mediouni, Bennane, Bouhjar, Lamta and Sayada, the Industrial Zone of Teboulba, and the cities of Teboulba, Békalta, Mahdia Tourist Zone, Mahdia, University Campus and Mahdia City.

With an average of 40 minutes of frequency, the metro Sahel ensures daily 44 scheduled traffic between 5:00 am until 22:00 will ensure the transport of more than 09 million passengers per year with an average of 27 000 passengers daily.

As part of its strategic orientations, the sahel metro puts the customer in the center of its concerns by its permanent determination to improve the quality of service and listen to travelers by weaving links of dialogue and creating a framework of mutual trust through the organization of panels and the animation of spaces in railway stations through the organization of cultural events.